Quick Look:

  • Price: $5.89/mo to $39.49/yr
  • License Period: 1/3/6mo, 1yr.
  • Purpose: Complete site auditor/crawler for on-pgae SEO.
  • Similar to: Screaming Frog

Much like a mechanic has certain tools for certain areas of automotive repair, SEO specialists tend to utilize dozens of tools and services to perform their work. Many of these tools (web-based applications and Windows programs primarily) will specialize in one very particular aspect of optimization or another, but not much more. If you look at any "basic" level site audit, you can see the dozens of different areas of SEO - there is a handful of useful tools on the market for each.

While its great to have options, it can get overwhelming - not only in the sense of having too many options, but your bank account gets overwhelmed quickly as well. With the majority of these tools and services costing $99 or more per month, an independent SEO can quickly rack up $3,000/mo overhead in no time.